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Whether a website got blacklisted or not can be known by Blacklist Lookup. A site can be blacklisted for many reasons. If the viewers or receiver of the website make it spam mail. Then the email service authority lists them on the blacklist. Also, the domain website you are using at present that might be used previously for other purposes can even be blacklisted.

Besides, if your website got into blacklisted, it won’t be found in a search engine. You may be ensured whether your website places on the blacklist by watching the regular views and traffic. If the site is not viewed, you can check for it. You must also be aware of purchasing any domain website.

If anyone is offering to buy any domain website, you must see whether that website in the blacklist or not. People sell their blacklisted website to others because of a blacklisted site is of no use.

Blacklist Lookup

There might be other reasons for placing a website on a blacklist. Like engaged in spamming, hacking, connections to any untrusted website or involved in illegal activity. With suspicion, the website can be blacklisted forever. The site won't be found anymore.

And if the site is using a domain IP address all the sites using the same IP address will be banned together. They won't be found in a search engine. So, be careful before purchasing any domain website. Check the website in Blacklist Lookup to see it is blacklisted or not.

And also, your website is not found in searching, or the traffic is decreasing check out in blacklist checker. For preventing the site from getting into blacklisted don't involve any illegal activity such as hacking. Don't publish any content that is restricted to any region. The internet services are stringent in such issues, and they always review the websites.

How to check website or domain blacklist by

To check the website or domain blacklist, you can use the tool Blacklist Lookup. For this, you have to visit the All SEO website. Then go to the tool list on the home page. If you don’t find the tool, find it in the search box.

Write down the name of the tool and click on the link. Then copy the URL of the site you want to check. That’s it! The tool will show you whether the website is blacklisted or not. It will show the list of blacklisted websites. However, this site comes with a handy tool. All most every tool is available on this site that a blogger may require.

It is necessary to check with the SEO tools to make a website with a high SEO rank. Besides, it should be free from other sites' domain and malware. Therefore, use this tool to check the blacklist for own and other websites.


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