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About Broken Links Finder

Broken links mean some kinds of the link that hamper loading any website. Broken links prevent from loading any website or any particular page. Now the question is, how could you understand that your site may contain a broken link? You can easily justify if your website contains many broken links from the below points:

  • If the website is unable to load permanently or temporarily.
  • Should the site is removed or deleted?
  • The Permalink of the site was hanged or modified.
  • Should the site be blocked by any software like Firewall?

If these symptoms cause to the website, that means the site likely has broken links. When a user clicks a site to visit but experiences an unusual event, that could be a terrible impression. It does not matter how informative or helpful your site if it carries any dead link. It cannot load your website and show up errors.

Moreover, the bad impact on your site as well. Because it has an impact on your ranking, SEO, and revenue. So, you should detect the dead links of your site and remove them right away. For identifying and removing dead links, you need a tool.

A broken link checker is an amazing tool that helps to identify those links from the site. Apply All SEO tools for solving this issue. Because of this tool efficient and user-friendly to detecting dead links. It can bring new users and traffic to the site again.

However, to avoid those dead links from your site, you have to conscious. That means always be updated and upgrade your website. Furnish your site by keeping info on your site.

Engage your viewer to your site so they can find new always. A website also is checked frequently by its owner. A website is caught by broken links for lack of carelessness and unconscious of updating information.

Dead Link Checker

Dead links and broken links are the same things. You can check out dead links by the broken link tool of your site. When a site is caught by a dead link, it should be removed instantly. Otherwise, it has a bad influence on users' experience.

Besides, a bad record for your site. Your site won’t visit on second time by any users who experience that. That's every blogger or content creator who check their website and update from time to time.

So, they can avoid this kind of unusual issues. Now see the way you can understand your site has dead links:

  • Your site is always reached to unavailable.
  • Any particular page shows invalid or outdated.
  • Relocates or indicate to new authority or domain.
  • The site or page has no longer existed or deleted.

When you see these are happening to your sites, you should immediately solve the problem. Because your website reputation also related here. It can affect your online business crucially.

And also, it leads to going down of your site from SEO ranking. You should always keep satisfying your viewers by providing the best content, services, and experience. So, get help from a dead link or broken link tools. We advise using All SEO tool for having the best services. It provides any of its tools for free.

Even its tools are very straightforward. Any content creator might need to check their website’s any issue at any time. So, All SEO makes the process super easy for them. There is no time limit.

How to check Broken Link or Dead Link by

When your website is not updated for a long time, it may get a dead link or broken link. Besides, when you feel like your website may have broken links, you should check your site. You should go through a broken link checker. providers that opportunity those website owners to check and remove dead links from their site. providers this excellent tool for free. This doesn’t require any registration. However, checking a dead link is quite easy, and no need for additional skills. See the process below:

  • Open the page of the tool from the site.
  • Copy the link to your website.
  • Then put the link on the toolbox of the page.
  • Press the submit button on the bottom of the box.
  • It will show you dead links if your site contains any links.
  • By pressing try new, you can enter the new link for checking.



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