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About Class C IP Address Checker

Class C IP checker identifies the IP address of the website and the hosting network. Every device has a unique address that connects with the internet. An IP address consists of 32 bit binary address that has two sub-address. The IP address serves the network and the hosting network. By identifying an IP address of a device, the location of the device, network, user, and many other things can be located.

There are five types of IP address available. Such as Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, and Class E. Class C is the most usable and popular IP address. The internet services give an IP address to their customers from their purchased network. It is called a shared or dynamic IP address. That'sThat's why this type of network cheaper and popular.

However, you can check C type of IP address from this website. For checking IP address go to the website of All SEO. Then go to the C Class IP address checker from the list on the right side. You can write down the name on the search box and press enter. You will find the page.

After that, copy and paste the URL of a site you want to check and click on the submit button. You can submit around 44 domains at the same time. That'sThat's it! It will show you the network, whether it is C class or not, and the host network.

Now the question might arise, what is the significance of checking an IP address of a website whether it is C class! Well, if your website's IP is C class, it might be affected by SEO ranking, and the website can be got blacklisted. So the website could not be found by searching. Thus, this checker provides the information of the hosting site running the site using the same IP address.


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