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Source code is the code that a website is found while searching based on the code of the tags. The browser uses the codes to locate a particular site. It also finds a specific webpage, depending on the searching demand. The SEO tools show the code of a website.

For inquiry, you can check the codes of your site by SEO tools. is the better site for checking the codes. The traffic of the site depends on the codes, as well. If the site is not found for bad indentation, the site won’t get viewers. The consistent indentation improves readability.

Moreover, the internet system is critical and stronger at present. Thousands of sites are being updated and uploaded every second. Internet users find a site through the codes. So, your code has to be unique so it could be found easily. Finding the codes does not mean you will be able to understand it.

Programmers make codes, and they change it. The programmer can understand the website code, and they can improve it. So, after checking all the relevant SEO tools and still the ranking of the site is down, you need to go through the source code tool. Get help from the expertise of this unique language of the program and improve your website.

Program code helps to understand the errors or mistakes of a website. Code plays a vital role in the life of the website. Codes are the address that a user can find them followed the codes. The search engine makes people reach the site relying on codes.

So, code can be a reason for low rank in SEO. Improve the codes and errors by making changes in codes. You cannot make changes to your competitor sites. Only you can access your sites to change or improve.

How to Get the Source Code of Webpage by

For checking the source code, can help with this. This site has all most all types of SEO tools, including this code checking tool. Having this site, anyone can get all the necessary tools on one website.

However, for the code of the website, the process is the same as other tools checking. Find out the particular tool in the menu or home page. Then paste the copied link in the bar. Then press the submit button. It will show the code of your site.

If you have knowledge about codes, you can improve the codes if necessary. If you are unable to understand, check it with the expertise of programming. You can check the website of your competitor to understand their strategy. It is an intriguing idea to sustain in the competition by having knowledge of the competitors.

After checking your site with other tools, then check with the program code. There could be other reasons for low ranking. But don’t change the code frequently on your website. It won’t help you get viewers. This is a very critical issue and does it carefully with expertise. After improving the codes, you will able to see the changes and improvements in SEO.


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