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About Keyword Position Checker / Keyword Rank Checker

Keyword Position means rank or position of a website on search engine compared with other competitor’s site. This position is measured by the tool is called the Keyword Position Checker. The keyword is used on one website that can be used on several websites.

So, the same keywords holder website becomes a competitor for each other. When a user request any particular keywords and Google cannot show up thousands of websites at the same time. So, Google applies a strategy to give priority to some specific website.

That’s why the newly published website takes a long time to appear on search engines and get more traffics. But it is also true that many old sites are not appearing on top of the list. Where a new website has ranked well in a short time. This is because the website owner does not update and promote their website timely.

New site owners keep publishing and updating their site. And those site is not updated for a long time, and search engine also doesn't recognize them. So, check out your website position on those tools and see rank. If your position is not well, you should apply some strategy to do better. The strategies are as follows:

  • Publish content daily or at a specific time.
  • Create quality backlinks for the website.
  • Give attention to keyword research.
  • Optimize your website content.
  • Perform SEO audits.

The main aim of an online marketer is to hold or capture top rank or position on SERPs. But for this, the position is needed to be known. Then a strong position can be obtained on SEO, and the goal will be achieved.

In the meantime, the keyword rank also important. And it is the first step of holding a rank. Therefore. Be helped with this useful tool, and it is available on All SEO.

Free Keyword Rank Checker

On online business, only daily publishing of content cannot bring success. For successful marketing, any website owner has to check all factors that are going good like keywords, backlinks, dead links, meta tags, etc.

Checking of keywords tells about a website's rank on SEO. A position between 50 to 100 means a moderate level rank. But the position within 500 means low rank. If the checks show position one, that means your website ranking on SEO is one. So, the site is getting lots of responses from viewers. So, check on this tool to see your website rank.

How to check Keyword Position by

Checking on All SEO is always easy and simple. Even using any tool of this website is free. However, utilizing keyword position checker is provided below:

Step 1: Already, you know the procedure of how to open any tool from All SEO. So, we are skipping that part. 

Step 2: After opening the tool, you will see a few boxes on the page that you have to fill up.

Step 3: Firstly, enter the domain name of your website. That means paste the URL of your site.

Step 4: Then, on the box of keywords, write down the keywords name. Do not write the keyword's name side by side. Write them serially by pressing enter.

Step 5: Select the position of your keywords like 50/100/500 etc. It means you want to see whether your keywords place among 50 of Google search or not.

Step 6: Then, press enter, and the result will be disclosed.

Why is the best tool for Keyword Position Checker?

All SEO is one of the best sites for helping online professionals with various matters. It assists its users by offering all the essential tools that they need. These tools are useful in many ways.

A professional can make important decisions by analyzing through these tools. They can see their position in the online market and determine their next steps. However, the features All SEO provides by this checker is given below:

  • It shows up the position of a website within a specific number among 50 or 500, for example.
  • It shows the different search engines, which means the position of a website on various search engines. Like Google, Yahoo, etc. It does not show only one browser, like other tools.
  • You can enter more than keywords here separately. So, enter all the keywords that you mention on your website.
  • It provides the result very clearly. If any keyword does not get a position, it shows it blank on the box.


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