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Link Analyzer tool is a very helpful tool that uses for analyzing the link of a website. This tool assists to count and show the total links of a website. By using this tool, a user can learn the total internal and external links or URL of their site. It provides info about the URL of a website.

Moreover, the do-follow links and the no-follow URL or links also showed here. Besides, it informs about backlinks or broken links of your site. So, by removing these links, you can upgrade your page ranking. It has a positive impact on your SEO ranking as well. This tool lets you know the site is sending you traffic or any hidden links that may contain on your website or not.

After that eliminating the unnecessary links, you can boost your site. Because of ranking in top SEO, it requires qualities of incoming links and traffic. Therefore, always keep in mind your competitors and stay updated by utilizing such tremendous tools.

So, use All SEO site’s tools for your website's progress. It is better than any other website. All the tools of this site are free and with excellent features. They ensure the services and quality all together.

How to Analyze Website Link by

All SEO has developed this Link Analyzer tool for all professionals who works on an internet-based platform. Even they have made the utilizing process on this tool easy. By analyzing the link of your site, you can know any critical issue regarding your site.

A user only needs to enter the link of their website on the tool. Then pressing on the enter button, will display all relevant links to the website. It will reveal the all internal and external links of your site. As well as do-follow and no-follow links.

It provides the result instantly and by pressing on try the new link, and you can enter a new link. For using this tool, you don’t have to subscribe to this site. It means no charges for utilizing any tool of All SEO. You are free to use and visit this website. So, visit this site to have this essential tool.


Why is the best Link Analyzer? is the best website for offering all quality tools. It has lots of tools for SEO that a user may need. However, by using the analyzer link tool, a user will be beneficial in many ways such as-

  • It provides all links that the website containing.
  • It provides separate internal links that your website has.
  • It provides separate external links that your website has.
  • It gives all no-follow links.
  • It gives all do-follow links as well.
  • It let the user or owner of the site know that spam links if it has the site.
  • It will let you know which site is sending backlinks also.

It ensures advantages and services at the same time. Even the operating process is simple, and it is cost-free. These kinds of services you won’t be found on other SEO sites. So, is one of the wonderful websites for its splendid tools and its features.


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