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About My IP Address

An IP address or internet protocol is the address of the network. By this network, your devices connect with other electronic devices, even with the world. An IP address is a set of numbers or digits. All of your devices have net connects must have unique or different IP address.

So, the billions of IP address exists, and IPv6 is fulfilling the requirement. Mainly IP address is two types: IPv4 and another one are IPv6. IPv4 is a backdated or old IP address. But IPv6 is the new and updated version, and it can serve a trillion of a new IP address. For the increasing level of internet users, IPv4 has been updated.

There have been other kinds of IP addresses such as Private IP, Public IP, Static IP, and Dynamic IP. However, the IP address has a significant impact. With an IP address, any information is found out. The cybercrime investigator collects many data of an individual by this IP address. They investigate who commit cybercrimes, and the location also is identified by the criminal.

It's become much easier to track the criminals. So, everyone should know their IP address. And it should be kept private and do not share it with anyone. The hackers will reach you through this address. To know one's IP address, they can apply several methods:

  • For a Windows computer, go to the start button and click on the network connection.
  • Then click on the control panel.
  • Type adapter on the search box and click on the sharing center. Then select view connection.
  • Choose an active internet connection and click on details. The IP address will appear here.

For quick results, you can try many websites. The tool's name is what is my IP. For this, you need an internet connection and search for it on the browser.

What Is My IP Address?

You already know what the IP address is and what is the significance of this address. Every device has a different IP address. That does not match with other addresses. Two main purposes of IP address are:

  • With an IP address, the device location is easily found out. So, as the user is located.
  • With a unique address, the request comes from a particular computer, send to that computing device. Not any random devices.

So, it is necessary to know your own address so you can keep it safe and protect your info from hacking. For getting your IP address, you can take several steps. You can go to a computer system or control panel for identifying the IP address.

For this, you must need a net connection. An IP address is related to the internet. Another way is the free site of What is My IP. many websites can give you accurate info about your IP address. But not all free site is reliable.

There are chances of leaking info by entering those sites. We suggest avoiding those sites. However, for an online free site to know the IP address, visit All SEO for accurate information. It provides more than your expectations. For Macbook user, the process of getting an IP address is given below:

  • Go to the system preference by clicking on the apple icon on top of the screen. You can go to network preference by clicking on the wifi icon on the right side of the Macbook screen.
  • After opening the system preference, click on the network option.
  • Then all the network-related info appears on network preference.
  • Click on the advance option right side of the page below.
  • Then click on TCP/IP on the top right of the page.
  • You will see the IP address. The router IP address also is shown together.

How Can I Find My find the IP address?

There are several ways to find out your IP address. If you have a net connection, you can find it from your computer system. But if you want to have the IP address just in two or three clicks, the IP address checker is the best option. We recommended All SEO for getting an IP address.

This is one kind of the essential tool for any SEO issue. It is not just limited to its services by providing the IP address of your devices. It also includes location, including city, region, country, country code, ISP, etc. And some additional info such as latitude and longitude.

There may have another free website for the “What Is My IP tool” tool, but they have confined their services to providing IP address only. However, getting more info, including IP address, choose All SEO sites. The procedure of operating the tool for IP address is given below:

  • You must have an internet connection to your device or computer.
  • You must turn on the location of your computer.
  • Then go to the website of All SEO and browse the tool.
  • You may find it on the search box of the page. For this, you have to write the name of the tool on the box. Then you will get it.
  • After opening the page, you will see your IP address appeared on the screen.
  • Also, some other info is available and showing on the screen.

You can collect all the info and store it, especially the IP address, because it is essential. But don’t share it with anyone. On the other hand, if you keep the All SEO page on bookmarks, you can get the info anytime you want. If your location or net service providers are changed, it will show you the updated location, code, and ISP.

Public IP address

The IP address assigned to electric devices directly to access to the internet is known as a public IP address. An email server, web server, and any other servers are easily accessible for public IP address through the internet. A public IP address is globally known as a unique address.

Moreover, the devices that are connected to the public net get a different IP address. It is also known as Internet IP. This IP address is received from ISP by a business or home router. For this address, it requires network hardware like routers and servers.

The net service provider passes the request of the net to a particular home and business through a router. However, from the All SEO site, a user can learn about his/her IP address. It is not necessary to know about your IP address always, but sometimes it is needed, especially for remote access.

Private IP address

The network uses the private address is called a private IP address. It is usually used for internal uses such as office, residential area, LANs, etc. A private IP address is different or opposite of public IP address. IPv6 and IPv4 define the ranges of the private IP address.

The private address is allocated by the information center or InterNIC, which allows organizations to create their network. Class A, Class B, and Class C these three blocks are separated for the private network. The electronic devices of home within the organization use the private IP address.

When a phone or computer connected with a private address, it is seen by local devices through private addresses. But it is not possible to communicate directly through private networks if the devices located outside of the local network. For communication, a public address or router is used for remote contact. However, NAT is used for direct communication of the private network.

Dynamic IP address

The IP address is changeable means not constant like static IP is known as Dynamic IP address. It is also called a temporary IP address. The home network mostly has a Dynamic IP address because this is reasonable. The network service providers can even afford it to allocate into customs.

This IP address is assigned firstly to the nodes until it is assigned to different networks. Today's IP address is Dynamic IP address. But there might be cause little problem. The Geolocation is less accurate. It is manageable, though.

For knowing your home IP address, contract the services provider of the internet to see whether it is Dynamic or not. The facilities of Dynamic IP address is:

  • It is very reasonable in cost and affordable.
  • It does not need maintenance or extra care.
  • It is also fair and cost-effective for The ISP or the service provider you are using the net from whom.

What is IP Lookup?

IP Lookup is a tool that helps to find out the IP address and disclose all related information about the IP address. That means the device’s valuable info. Many of us use the internet and explore many things, but few know about this internet. A user should know his device's IP address, location, and other related issues.

So, this tool is that kind of critical tool that lets you info about many things. In this tool, you will get the ISP or the network service provider, your location, country code, region, etc. Use this tool for searching the IP address of your own or other devices. You can utilize this tool to get the IP address of any website owner.

This may help you by getting a domain name. By getting the IP address from this tool you can check with another domain checker to have the domain registry name and other data. So, this tool may use for multipurpose. Now the question is which website tool you should take for granted.

We suggest All SEO for the best services. This website has all SEO related tools. It provides an accurate result of any search request. Moreover, this website doesn’t charge anything. Everyone can access this site for free. By signing in to this site, you can keep your data stored. That means this site will save your search data stored, and you will consider it as a regular member.

If you login to this site before utilizing any of the tools. But it’s okay if you don’t want to login. Still, you can use the tool to belong to this site. When All SEO site is providing you such services and facilities, you don’t need to go somewhere else. So, no need to browse any other website for this tool or any other SEO tool.

Best IP Address Lookup?

As we said, All SEO is the best among the other SEO website. You can check with the IP address tool for getting an IP address and additional information. Internet connection is the mandatory requirement for searching for anything.

However, you can browse the site from your smartphone, laptop, or computer. The devices will be used on All SEO for getting an IP address, and it will show that particular device's address. So, the other details about that device also are revealed.

Thus, the IP lookup tool and IP address tool serving the same services. But on the IP address tool, you cannot put a random IP address as you wish. It will show only the device address requested for SupperST.com.

But it shows a map to point out your location. On the lookup tool, you can randomly put any IP address to check any info you need. It provides:

  • The hostname of IP.
  • The ISP name.
  • The state/region.
  • The country.
  • Area Code.
  • Longitude and Latitude.

From this data, you can collect your required info or guess anything. But you won’t get some info. Those are:

  • The admin or user name.
  • User email address.
  • A phone number.
  • Street address.

Who is my ISP?

Internet Service Provider or ISP is an organization that provides internet services to users. In every country, there is a local internet service provider. They let the users access the internet for a monthly fee. For internet connection, you need networking, routing, and telecommunications. ISP fulfills the requirement and lets the users connect to the network.

ISP serves some additional services besides networking, such as email services, web hosting, and registration of domain names. For the WiFi connection, you must contact any local ISP for connection. Without ISP, you cannot get the network to connect. But still, there is another way to work on the internet, and that is a data connection.

By using your cellphone or hotspot, you can connect to the internet. However, ISP is the name of the organization or company you have the connection of your internet. If you want to know your ISP, you find it. Use the IP address tool of All SEO for identifying ISP.

This tool provides the info of the ISP name along with the IP address. For manual identification, you can find it on the control panel of your computer or system preference of Macbook. The way you found out the IP address applies the same way to the ISP name.

My IP Locator

IP Locator tool is the essential tool for getting info about device location. The device location is at present, the devices are located. You need an IP address of the devices to trace the location of the device. This tool helps to find out the location of the device. Many free online websites provide info about the area of the device.

We cannot suggest those pages because most of the site is fake. The hackers own those sites, and those who have weak protection on the computer got affected by those sites. So, avoid that unknown site. Any information about your devices is very confidential. It should not be public.

So, you should get help from any well-reputed site. All SEO is one kind of category site that assists you in this matter. It can provide the info you need, or you are searching for. You might be the owner to know that this site is free and does not cost anything for their services. Even it helps by giving reliable information.

On this site, there is no risk of leaking of your any data. Moreover, it is accessible 24/7 by anyone. All you need a net connection to visit the site. However, IP Locator is needed for many purposes! To find out the location of a device. If any devices are lost and you want to trace them, you will be able to do it with this tool.

For this, you only need to know your IP address. Or the person’s device IP address you want to look at. This way can keep the matter entirely confidential. Only need to know the process of how to do it. All SEO can assist you by finding all the necessary info about this. In detail, info more than other SEO sites.

Best IP Location Finder

All SEO is a wonderful and fabulous took for IP location finder. Only one tool of this site gives the location details. If you have this tool, you will get everything in just one tool. The IP address tool gives you the info you want. For getting your IP location to follow the procedure below:

  • Visit All site and find the IP address tool on the site.
  • After finding the tool get the IP address of your devices.
  • If you visit the site from your android device, you will get your android phone IP address.
  • However, on the list of details of the page, you may notice there is also other info.
  • From this info, you can get your location.
  • You can get ISP the network you are connected to, location, code, etc.

You might think about why should you visit this website. This is rightful to think. We are not forcing you and giving some reasons below. You consider the points and decide your next step:

  • Where many other sites contain a different tool for different work, All SEO has one tool with a multi-purpose aim.
  • This tool provides info in detail.
  • This site is free and provides reliable results.

What is my location?

Your location is where your devices are located. Meaning the devices show up the area or country is your location. The IP address of any device indicates the location as well. By the IP address, it is easy to find out the location. For this, you need an internet connection to your computer or any electronic devices.

Then you will get your IP address and the location also. By an IP address, any device's location or where it is located can be traced. The cybercrime investigator finds out the location of any criminals by tracking the device's IP address. With an IP address, much info about a device and the user easily be discovered.

We suggest searching the IP address identification site for knowing the location. Many websites provide the location as well as the IP address. All SEO is the best way to know your location. It shows the external IP address with the location in detail. It contains area, region, country, etc.

Even it opens a map on the page of All SEO. On the Map, you can trace your location. However, there are also many other ways to locate your area or anyone’s location. IP Lookup is one kind of tremendous tool that helps to find out anyone's location. You will only need the IP address to get the location. If your device is stolen or lost somewhere, you can find them by tracing the location.

Email address the one kind of way to have an IP address. If any person sends you an email, you can collect the IP address of the sender. Just double click on the mail and select full header. Scroll down, and there is the IP address. But don’t apply this theory with any bad intention. And also, Google Maps is the manual way to know your location.

Where am I?

Should you want to find out your current location, there are several ways. Location is needed and an important matter. By knowing the location-

  • You can trace your lost or stolen computer or laptop.
  • You can trace anyone suspicious or wanted.

You only need an IP address for located the exact location. All SEO is the site that provides valuable info upon searching. Use what is my IP tool for finding your current location. The method of using this tool is given below:

  • Visit the website of All SEO.
  • Find the tool from the home page.
  • Another option for finding the tool is the search box. Write the name of the tool and click on search.
  • You will navigate to the tool page.
  • You will see your device's IP address on the screen. You don’t need to enter any link or anything to this page.
  • At the bottom of the page, you can find many other details such as area, region, city, country, longitude, latitude, and map.
  • From these details, you will have your location. You can see your location on the map.

Another way to track your current location in Google Map. This is such a nice app for informing your location and the surrounding area. For this, you need an internet connection and turn on the location icon. So, the app can find out your exact area.

By zooming in and out, you can trace the accurate point where you are staying right now. For tracing your lost or stolen device, we recommended IP lookup. You can enter your IP address and find out the location.

The IP address signals the location that makes it easy to trace the location. There are also some applications available for tracing lost devices. But if you have All SEO site, you don’t need to rely on other things.

What is IP WHOIS?

IP Whois checker is a tool for checking domain IP and other important info about a domain. This checker helps to disclose all valuable info about a domain name. With this quick tool, you can collect many info or data just in seconds. The essential related data about a domain it discloses are:

  • The server name of the domain.
  • Domain registry.
  • Domain status.
  • Expiration date.
  • Contact numbers.
  • Geographic location.
  • Administrators name.
  • Administrators' email address.

This is very helpful and gives free access to all users. If it requires any information about a website, no need to go through manually. Only this tool is enough to find out all related data or info.

However, this tool is essential to sustain in the competition. Meaning competing with other top-ranking website and makes reached own site to top level. If you want to contact the authority of the domain, the tool lets you inform the contact details. For getting a hive for the new website, it is mandatory to own a well-reputed domain.

Through this tool, users can get a type of info about a website and its domain details. It will put you forward one step. Then other info you get from this tool will help to make a strategy. To determine what should be your next step! Many sites offer the Whois tool, but All SEO is one of the best and most useful tools because:

  • It provides more info about the domain than any other website.
  • This website if free, and anyone can access this site.
  • The result of the site is genuine and effective.
  • This tool provides a quick and reliable result.
  • It is easy and user-friendly.
  • There is no chance of leaking your data.

So, we highly recommended to visit this site and use this tool for your work.

How to Find IP WHOIS Lookup?

As we mention, All SEO is the site that helps to provide an IP Whois tool for website owners or bloggers. All you need to find this tool is a search on Google, and you will get this website. For finding the tool and use it follow the below process:

  • You need an internet connection for searching or anything you want to do on this website.
  • Then click on the site and find the tool. You will get this on the home page.
  • If not found, find it on the search box. You know how it works already!
  • Then open the particular page and enter the link or URL of the site you wish to check about the domain.
  • Tep on the enter button, and you will get a list of info to belong to the site. Collect the info whatever you need. It provides A to Z data about a domain.



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