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Page speed means the timing needed for finding a website. How fast a website appears to a user is known by a web page speed checker. The timing is vital for a website because the ranking depends on it. When a user searches for a particular site, the website appears to him faster, and he clicks on that site. Slower the loading time of any site, users won't open that site.

So, after publishing any site, every website owner or blogger should check the speed of their site. Whether it appears or not to users or how long it takes loading a website. The website speed checker lets the webmaster know the loading time. A webmaster can check his site along with any other competitive website. For comparing the loading time between own site and competitors site.

This SEO tool is beneficial and straightforward to use. The website owners can make a relative improvement to their site, getting the result from this tool. The developer of All SEO has introduced this unique tool for all website owners and masters so they can be helped by this tool. Any main website target is internet users. It becomes less important how valuable information contains a site when the users get introduced to a slow loading speed site.

The users will only click the site visible to their eyes. If your site's loading speed is fast, it will be visible to the top and get more viewers. A new website gets the traffic slowly and it won't found easily among the most popular site. It takes time to get the viewers and ranking in SEO.

The blogger must have patience and optimize their website calmly. If any site is not getting proper attention in the possible time, a website speed checker can be helpful. Then a website should be checked to see the actual position of the site.


Page Speed Checker

Web page speed checker assist in viewing the loading speed of the website. With this helpful tool, the loading time can be known. It provides loading time, speed, average speed, and other related information. It is the most dependable tool for giving reliable results.

Besides, it is entirely free, and nothing charges anything. Everyone should try this tool for their website speed checking. This way, the viewer will stay long to the website, and the page will find potential traffic. Many website owners lose their clients for slow loading and poor performance overall.

Many website owners promote their sites by paying. It is very crucial for them to not getting enough responses from viewers. There could be lots of reasons, but web page speed could be the main reason. So, pay attention to speed checking and manage the website for faster loading. More the fast is a website, the more it will get a response.

How to check Page Speed by

Checking page speed in, visit the official page first. Then find the speed checking tool in the menu bar. You can find it on the home page or write down the name and search it on the search box. Then you have to copy the URL of your website and paste it into the text box.

After that, it will show you all the relevant info of loading time, average time, speed, etc. to improve the performance of your site follows the website content rules. It is mandatory to use images, videos, graphics, etc. for making a site attractive. But it makes a site slower of loading.

So, use the standard size of images and use HTML, JavaScript, CSS, compression tool, etc. These help increase speed and performance. Moreover, these help to optimize the website, compressing files (large), save space (bytes). If any other improvement required, get help from experts.


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