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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

The IP address and IP Domain are essential terms for the website owner and website developers. For the SEO of a website, you need to use the Reverse IP Domain Checker. Every day thousands of new websites are adding to the internet. So, it is now a tough matter in the case of ranking competition. If you are using a hosting server, you can use a reverse IP domain checker to check the other domains of the same server.

IP Domain

IP Domain and IP domain checkers are essential in the case of website ranking. When you are a website owner, you have to use a hosting server to have a domain name and IP address. A hosting service is cheap because it provides IP domains from an IP Address. However, people want to rank their websites in different ways. Among them, increasing web links is one. Anyone can use different IP domains hosting from one IP Address. But search engines don’t like it. It can hamper the page ranking. They always check that if the links were from the same IP Address.

So, in this case, IP Domains from different IP Addresses is vital for website ranking. Thus, the search engine optimizer wants inter-linking websites from separate addresses. Search engines always make sure that the domains are registered from different hosts.

Reverse IP Domain

Reverse IP Domain check helps you to find out the websites or domains on the same IP Address. You may know that a hosting provider can host a lot of domains on the IP Address. So, if you want to check the other websites hosted from your same IP Address, you can use a reverse IP domain checker. It is better to use a unique and dedicated website for better SEO ranking. So, for this, you can contact your host to provide you unique domain name. Avoid the recycled ones. Besides, if from a sharing host’s IP domain, you may get malware and spam email. Your website can get slow, and you will get a bad neighborhood.

With the help of a Reverse IP Domain Checker, you can identify the bad neighborhood and can take steps to keep your website free from malware and spam email.

Reverse IP Lookup

Reverse IP Lookup is a similar term to Reverse IP Domain. Reverse IP Lookup means checking the IP domain name targeting a website server. It searches for the other websites hosted from the same server. It is important for your website SEO purpose and also for filtering the neighbors for your hosted server.

With the help of a reverse IP lookup tool, you can find out the websites on your same host that affect your website ranking. There are two types of IP address such as Dynamic IP Address and Static IP Address. Most of the websites are on dynamic IP Addresses. When you want to know the IP domains that are sharing the IP Address you use, you need a Reverse IP Lookup. And this command only runs when the visitors of your website say that there are problems to find out your website. Then it would help if you told it to the hosting provider.

How to check Reverse IP Domain by

Checking reverse IP Domain has now become comfortable with the help of Reverse IP Domain checker tools. You will find a lot of websites providing such kind of tools. But to get all types of SEO tools for your website and content, you can visit Here you find all the tools. So, it helps you from roaming for the tools on different sites.

However, you can easily check the reverse IP domain with the checker tool of The process is straightforward. Just open the tool. Then type of copy and paste the URL of your hosted server or your website. Then press the submit button. Now, wait for a while to see the list of domain names of your shared hosting service.

You see that makes your work very much more comfortable to check reverse IP domain. So, to know the other IP domains on your same host, you can use this tool.


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