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About Server Status Checker

You can imagine Server Status from its name. It is the status your server provides. A Server Status Checker checks it from the HTTP or HTTPS response of the website. With the server status, you can see your website is ok or not. If you find that the status is not okay, you should think your website is not working correctly.

However, it is essential to check server status because it helps to keep your website updated by checking it is working correctly or not. If there is any problem, you can take steps to improve your down website. If a website becomes not accessible to the visitor, it cannot rank well. We know that websites are for providing information and content to the visitors. If it does not become accessible for technical issues, it isn't very good. In this case, server status checking is the best solution. With the help of a checker, you can keep the website updated and rank well.

So, when you do not find your website, you should check the website server status to find out the wrong. It helps you to see the status of your website is blocked or down by the server. A down website is not good news for a site owner because of its losses traffic and not earn a good ranking. So, to avoid this issue, you should check your website carefully. When you check your server status, you will find some codes which indicate the error.

If you see that your website provides the code 200, your server is working correctly. If the server code is 301, your website address is not correct and moved by another one. From code 400 to 404, it means your page is not in good condition. And in the case of code 500, your server is down.

Server Status Checker

To keep your website active and get a good ranking, it is essential to check server status regularly. For this, you must use a Server Status Checker tool. Your server can be down for any technical issues. It is hard for you to determine the problems and solve them without any means. So, you need to take the help of a server status checker. Besides, when your page takes more time to load, it affects the traffic of the website. The server status checker checks all the pages of a site at a time. So, you need not check every page separately. So, regularly use a server status checker and keep your website online to have good traffic and ranking all time.

How to check server status by is a popular website that provides most of the needed SEO tools. However, if you are a visitor to this website, you will get all of your tools at a place and use them easily without any payment. That is the main reason for which you visit this website and tell it as the best one. Besides, you can access any tool easily from the search option and use them without any problem or restriction.

In the case of Server Status Checker, at first, find out the checker from the website. Then you will find a field to place the domain of your website and click the submit button. If your giving URL is not correct, you will see a pop-up messaging you that provides a valid URL. It is better to copy the URL from your browser and paste them into the field. This tool allows you to put 100 URLs. It is amazing! use the server status checker from to check your website status. By this, you can know if your website were online or offline. And then you can solve the problem if your server is down.


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