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URL Rewriting is necessary for a website for its search engine optimization. A lengthy Dynamic URL is not looking good and user-friendly. So, for SEO, it is better to use a URL rewriting tool to make static URLs and gain good traffic.

URL rewriting

URL rewriting is a common term in the field of SEO. Most websites use this technology to make their site more readable and SEO-friendly. URL rewriting is vital to get good traffic for your website. So, for better ranking, it is better to use a URL writing tool.

When you click on a web link, your browser will look up the domain address. Then it sends a request to the server. Finding the requested source, the server gives a response. Then the browser offers this response. Here, the browser brings the same page URL but after rewriting them by the search engine. The URL will not be identical, but both are for the same page. Here, a rewrite engine works to change the URL. One of the URL is relevant to the search engine, and another is relevant to the server.

If you want to have a lot of customers on your page, you should bring as many variants as you can. If you are in Apache’s mode, you can use a URL rewriting tool to make a dynamic URL for your website. Your job is not completed after creating a website properly. To run a website with a good ranking, you need to keep your eyes to every minor thing also. Every URL of your website is also essential. A lengthy URL is not useful or user-friendly.

For this reason, you need to do URL rewriting. If you have more static URLs, you can rank better in search engines. Besides, static URLs are better than dynamic URLs in the case of making the website faster.

A URL rewriting tool is necessary to convert your dynamic URLs to a static ones. So, for your website’s better ranking, you can use a tool to have static URLs.

URL Rewriting Tool

To change a dynamic URL into a static URL that is search engine friendly, you need a URL Rewriting Tool. Nowadays, it is hard to rank well in search engine optimization. So, people are searching for ways how they can rank their websites. And for a website, URLs matter more. As there are two types of URLs, you need to know which types are better for which purposes. Dynamic URLs are better for your server. But for search engines, a static URL is a better option. SO, to make your website SEO, you should take care of this matter.

URL Rewriting Tool is used mostly by a website owner, SEO experts, or webmasters. As it is not easy work to get a better position at search engine ranking, some small steps can help you much. Taking care of your URL is also important because it affects your traffic much. So, try to use the URL rewriting tool for your URLs.

Why is the best of the URL Rewriting Tool? provides you with a URL Rewriting Tool with other SEO tools. This website offers tools that are free for users. You can rewrite URLs at this moment in only two steps. Anyone can do this process. For this, visit and then go to the URL Rewriting Tool from the tools option. Or you can find it by searching for it in the search bar. When you open the tool, you will find a field to enter the URL. You can copy your URL from the browser and then paste it on the tool. After that, tap the submit button. You see that the process is straightforward.

You can now rewrite your URL if your website is in Apache’s mode with the URL rewrite tool of This tool makes your work straightforward. So, you can now consider this tool as the best ERL rewrite tool by



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