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All website owners need to check website links to their site and Website Links Count Checker may help in this issue. The more the external link on a website, the more chances of traffic on that website. Links counter checker assists to count the total external link and internal line of a website. So, a blogger can easily understand the position of his website.

For counting links you can visit SEO websites, but is the best among them. Because of its services, reliable information. However, go to the menu from the home page and look for links count checker. Then copy the URL link of a website you wish to check and press on submit button. It will show the total links, including outgoing links and incoming links.

External links are that links appear on a website. It is good to have more external links to a website than internal links. And the internal links are the links of a drop-down menu link of a website. It includes the menus or tool’s links of a website.

A website owner must check his website with a link count checker. It is essential to see how many links are showing up on the site. Any Other site also is checked to compare with the main site. External links are important for viewers and traffic on the site.


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